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    How Good is the Internet Access in Rural Areas in Arkansas?

    Especially in the more rural and remote areas of the US, high-speed internet access (or internet access in general) can be difficult. However, in today's highly "connected" world, online access has transitioned from a mere luxury to an almost necessity. Internet Access in Rural Areas - How is Arkansas doing? Arkansas ranks 41st on the national broadband...

    internet in rural areas

    How Good is the Internet in Rural Areas in Mississippi?

    For many people in the US, a life without the internet is hardly imaginable. Whether for leisure, education, or work, most of us spend several hours online these days. The events of the past two years of the COVID pandemic have made it particularly clear to us, how isolated you can feel when you have to...

    Question: What is Structured Wirin

    What is Structured Wiring?

    Unless you aspire to live "off the grid", a lot of operations within your home depend - in the widest sense - on good connectivity. In this respect, you have probably come across the subject of "structured wiring". But what is structured wiring? To illustrate the concept, let's compare it with your water supply system: Whether...

    What is Computer Networking all about - Network cables

    What is Computer Networking All About?

    Computers are an integral part of today's life. Accordingly, we often hear or read about computers and networking - but what is computer networking all about? What does a computer network consist of? A computer network consists of at least two interconnected computer devices (also known as "hosts"). These computer connections are either wired or wireless and...