Benefits of Offering Free Wifi Acces to Your Patients

free wifi access

Benefits of Offering Free Wifi Acces to Your Patients

You might still find some (more or less current) magazines in the waiting area of your doctor’s office/practice. However, for a great percentage of your patients, free Wifi access is a much better alternative to pass the waiting time before their appointment.

free wifi access

Why is free Wifi access for your patients a great idea?

When you are running a doctor’s practice, there are good reasons for offering your patients options to distract themselves while waiting: It aids their relaxation, which can help reduce the stress level that is often connected with having to wait. That, in turn, makes it easier for the staff to manage the waiting area.

It’s common for most people to carry a cell phone that usually offers an internet option as well. But that does not mean that the patients can easily access the internet via their smartphones: Not every phone has a data plan, or the connection might be spotty. Free Wifi access for your patients takes care of that problem.

Offering this little luxury can have another positive effect: a chance for better reviews! Patient reviews on internet portals like, Google My Business sites, etc., can do a lot to drive traffic to your own website, as well as your practice. In the internet era, this is an important factor!

Consider HughesNet for your practice!

Depending on your location, high-speed internet might not be easy to come by, especially in some rural areas of the US. In such cases, a satellite internet service provider like HughesNet is the solution to this problem. HughesNet has been named “best satellite internet service provider” (ISP) for 2021. They bring internet connection even to such areas, where no other internet is available.

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