The best kid-friendly & kid-safe browsers

The best kid-friendly & kid-safe browsers

It’s really important to keep an eye on what our kids are doing, especially when they are browsing the Internet. A lot of content is not appropriate for them, the question is what can we do as parents to protect them. Thankfully, there are some kid-safe browsers that allow Kids to search the net in a kid-friendly way. Here is a list of the best 5 kid-safe browsers you can use.


Google has launched its own kid-safe browser called Kiddle, it’s a colorful theme that allows children to search for age-appropriate content like images, articles, and videos. All the content is filtered by Google SafeSearch, which blocks inappropriate or explicit images. Kiddle does not store any sensitive information from your kids. Check the privacy policy of kiddle right here


KidRex is a child-safe search engine powered by Google Custom Search allowing to access to keywords and database for kid’s content only.  It does not have the options for images nor videos but it shows a list of the kid-friendly websites based on the entered keyword. It is effective and more than adequate for preventing childhood curiosity from exposing kids to inappropriate content.

This is also powered by Google Custom Search to ensure kids don’t visit websites they shouldn’t. Safe Search Kids help children with math problems, reading, and technology topics. It also shows a list of topics for parents to continue keeping an eye on their children and what they are doing while browsing. 


This kid-safe browser has a complete gallery of pictures, videos, games, and fun facts. It also has a kid blog community for frequent answers and questions. The browser also integrates voice search and a help option as well.

K9 Web Protection Browser for iOS

This a free software for iOS devices, you can set it up as your main browser.  It blocks offensive websites and it also filters potentially malicious and Illegal sites. 


The Internet has a vast of information, images, and videos. Therefore,  the content must be filtered by age and the only way to do it is as Parents we use these kid-safe apps. 


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