How to buy more data with HughesNet?

How to buy more data with HughesNet?



If you used all your monthly data plan, you will be able to navigate at a slower speed until the next billing cycle. You can also purchase some data tokens that restore your Internet Service to full speed.

You can choose from these options the amount of data you will need without worrying about expiration date. You can carry them over to next cycle and so on.

3GB for $9
5GB for $15
10GB for $30
25GB for $75

Where to buy tokens?


You can purchase tokens using: The Usage Meter, My Account, and HughesNet Mobile App on your Android or Apple device.


1.The Usage Meter

You can track your data usage in real time by using a real user friendly application on your Mac or Windows computer. You can even compare monthly cycles, so you know when you’re running over the average. Also, a Messaging section provides important alerts and news from HughesNet. Therefore, you can purchase Tokens if you need them, without leaving the Usage Meter.

Download The Usage Meter at or click on the links below:

Download for Mac

Download for Windows

2.My account 

First at all,  Login to My Account, click on Usage, buy tokens, and purchase the desire token. 

3. HughesNet Mobile App: 

Sig in on your mobile app, click on usage from the menu, click on buy tokens, and purchase the token based on your needs. 

We strongly recommend you to monitor your data usage. Activities like downloading large files and streaming video take up more data, while browsing the web, checking email and social networking take up relatively little. You can use your Bonus Zone – 50 GB for use during the period between 2 am and 8 am to update your devices or download large files on your computer like music, videos, and movies.


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