Camping Trip in California? You Can Take Your Work With You Thanks to Satellite Internet

Camping Trip in California? You Can Take Your Work With You Thanks to Satellite Internet

Camping could be your favorite past time, but you usually opt for hotels because you can’t risk missing something important at work.  If this sounds like you, you no longer need to deprive yourself of the great outdoors.  There is a way to stay connected, even when you’re remote.  These lodges offer a rustic experience with all the luxuries of modern convenience.  You can have hotel convenience in a camping atmosphere in these parks.

California has some of the most beautiful parks in the U.S.  Now, several of these parks have signed on for rural internet services.  This means that areas which never had access to internet before are able to receive a signal.  Here are some of the locations that have added satellite internet.

Rural Internet Services Available in These Parks

Montecito Sequoia Lodge

Montecito Sequoia Lodge is located on National Forest Service land and is well known for its family-friendly atmosphere.  They offer an all inclusive experience, including fresh buffet meals, seasonal activities, and use of their many amenities.  This rustic property has a small private lake, outdoor swimming pool, breathtaking views, easy access to national parks, and a year-round hot tub.  You can participate in a variety of seasonal and year-round activities organized by the on-site counselors.  There’s so much to do at Montecito Sequoia Lodge, you won’t need to be plugged in.  If you have to be connected, however, you can still reach the outside world.  Even though there’s no cell service because of its rustic location, this lodge has satellite internet on the property, making your stay easier and providing you access for life’s activities.

Stony Creek Lodge

The Stony Creek Lodge is located in the Sequoia National Forest.  It’s specifically known for being conveniently located between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National parks.  Guests stay at the Stony Creek Lodge so that they can explore and appreciate both of these wondrous locations.  This lodge has also jumped on board the satellite internet bandwagon.  The capability of offering internet to their guests in a rural area that other internet providers cannot offer service is a huge plus for the Stony Creek Lodge.  This remote location is only able to receive internet service because of the convenience of satellite internet.

Parks are one of California’s great wonders.  If you are planning a trip to California, consider taking advantage of it’s beautiful outdoors, and stay in one of these lodges.  


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