Connect your Genie® to the Internet for advanced features

Connect your Genie® to the Internet for advanced features

Connect your Genie ® to the Internet for advanced features


Your Genie HD DVR gives you full access to the best features for free. You can watch over 30,000 different TV shows and movies on DIRECTV ON DEMAND, the amount of shows and movies also depends on your current subscription. All this is already included in your package.

If you missed an episode of your favorite show or movie but you have your Genie HD DVR connected to the internet, don’t  worry about it.  You can easily watch shows that aired any time in the last 72 hours or restart the ones that are already in progress. Amazing, right?

NFL, The Weather Channel, iRadio, and Pandora are also apps you can enjoy at no extra cost. These apps are super easy to use and they do not require additional equipment.

Click HERE to learn how to activate Pandora on your DIRECTV service.


There are some requirements you need to consider to connect your Genie® to the Internet:


  • The minimum internet connection required is 750kbps (either DSL or mode). 2Mpbs or higher is recommended to have full access.
  • A Wireless router is required. If you don’t have one, you can call (877) 815-6092 to have a professional to install it for you.


Learn how to connect DIRECTV Genie® Model HR44 to Wi-Fi


Step 1: Confirm your model number by pressing and holding the INFO button, you will get an info and Test screen on your TV. The model number is available in the RECEIVER line.  If your model number is HR44, you can proceed with the following steps.

Step 2: Look for your Wireless name and password. The installer usually provides with this information when you have your internet set up. Some of them have the SSID and the password on the modem also, if you cannot find it, call your Internet provider for help. Once you have this information, you can proceed. 

Step 3: Press the MENU button on your remote. 

Step 4: Go to settings and press SELECT

Step 5: Select NETWORK SETUP on the left sidebar and then CONNECT NOW.

The RESTORE DEFAULTS option allows you to reconnect in case if you were connected before. 

Step 6: Select CONTINUE

Step 7: Select MANUAL SET UP

Step 8: Select CONTINUE

Step 9: Enter your Wi-Fi name or SSID and your password and select CONTINUE. 

Congratulations, after this step you are CONNECTED! 

If you have another model number, please contact our tech support department for better assistance (877) 815-6092.


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