Best Web-Based Project Management Tools for Businesses

Best Web-Based Project Management Tools for Businesses

Running a successful business requires teamwork.  In order for your team to run properly, you need excellent communication among your team members.  There are many online task management programs that help you stay in touch with your team and stay on task.  

Best Web-Based Project Management Tools for Businesses

These project management tools will help you organize your team, assign tasks to each member, and will let each person know what their role consists of.  It will also let them know if they are running on time with their task.


One project management tool that is on the rise right now is Asana.  This program allows you to create multiple projects and assign team members to each project.  

The platform itself is visually appealing. It also has a feature that allows you to assign tasks.  It will alert members when they are assigned a task and will remind them of a task when they are running behind.  

It will even alert the assigner when the task is complete.  Features allow you to message the other members of each task within the individual task as well as upload files and pictures to the message.  

It’s a great way to stay on top of your team, and make sure that they have everything associated with their individual tasks in one place.


Teamwork is a similar platform.  It’s great for businesses with remote workers or a large group of people assigned to multiple tasks.  

You can create folders for each project, then tasks within that project for each member.  Members can see their work right up front and can even log time through the platform.  

The tool works great for freelancers and owners that use freelance contractors.  

Like Asana, you can perform most operations within the individual tasks.  Because it offers a few extra features, it is not as visually obvious as Asana, and may require a minimal training for new users.


Basecamp is another program like Teamwork, and very popular for businesses with multiple employees.  

You can create a central calendar with Basecamp, and integrate it with your Google calendar.  In Basecamp any member can assign a task to another member.  

This makes it a great tool for monitoring tasks when the owner is offsite.  

For example, if we were using Basecamp at Brad’s Electronics, our administrative assistant could assign a task to one of our sales members to discuss Direct TV bundles with a potential customer.  

If the customer was satisfied with one of the Direct TV bundles, the sales person could set a task for our service department to professionally install their equipment.  

Word of mouth no longer causes miscommunications, and each task can be monitored by management, who can remind employees if they are consistently off track.

Staying on top of your projects and tasks can be difficult without the proper tools.  

Using an online platform ensures that you and your employees have a clear cut communication system no matter where you are.  


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