Customers of DirecTV Mississippi Say Hulu Originals are Worth It

Customers of DirecTV Mississippi Say Hulu Originals are Worth It

Brad’s Electronics offers a variety of products that provide you with a vast selection of viewing options.  From high speed internet in rural Kansas to DirecTV Mississippi, our company can make sure that you are always connected.  DirecTV Mississippi

Staying connected opens you up to a whole new world of entertainment.  You can now stream shows or movies right on your television, laptop, or even smartphone.  

This is why we value original programming.  When you choose DirecTV Missisipi, or sign up for HughesNet internet services, you are able to view a number of original series.  

Hulu Original Series Are Awesome Says DirecTV Mississippi Customers

Hulu is in fact well known for its original programming.  Hulu originals have a wide following.  Just like any network series, and with these great shows, it’s not hard to understand why.

Comedies That Keep You Laughing

Comedies are a big part of Hulu’s lineup. And their original comedies do not disappoint.  The Mindy Project follows an OBGYN with a huge personality and ultimate dream of being the leading lady in her own rom-com.

This show takes comedy to a whole new level.  The quick dialogue and quirky characters will enamor you with the cast and the story.

While Mindy may be a dreamer, the main characters of Difficult People take cynicism to a new level.  Difficult People follows two out-of-work comedians and best friends whose behavior lands them in some pretty hilarious situations.  

Viewers will love the quick wit and narcissistic point of view of two anti-heroes. Casual continues the trend of dry humor, with three socially clumsy family members who all handle their particular quirks and histories differently.  

A divorced mother moves in with her brother and brings along her high-school aged daughter.  The main family becomes the focus of the show, with other people seeming bizarre in comparison.  

Finishing the comedy line-up, Deadbeat adds a supernatural aspect to comedy, and is about a man who learns he can see and communicate with dead people.

Drama You Won’t Want to Miss

Drama East Los High is structured like a high school soap opera, but gets deep into real issues that the character’s face.  Hulu Original dramas almost always have a unique perspective, and 11.22.63 is no exception.  

James Franco stars in this original series that puts a young man in the position to travel back in time and attempt to prevent the assassination of JFK.  Viewers love the nostalgia of the period piece as well as the intrigue and suspense as the main character uncovers conspiracies works to save the day.

Nail Biting Thrillers

For those who want even more thrills, Chance is a psychological thriller starring Hugh Laurie that will premiere October 19th.  Chance follows a neuropsychiatrist who is brought into a dangerous world.

With these Hulu originals and DirecTV Mississippi, you’ll want to contact Brad’s Electronics as soon as possible to set up your fast internet service and start streaming.

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