DirecTV Asks You to Stream to Fight Hunger

DirecTV Asks You to Stream to Fight Hunger

The Holiday season is here, and everyone is in the giving mood.  With a large company, the capacity to make a difference is huge. Our partners at DirecTV have developed a program that will allow them to give back to the world we live in.  

DirecTV Streaming in Mississippi Can Fight Hunger This Holiday Season

DirecTV is encouraging people to stream their favorite shows this holiday season.  The task is simple: Use DirecTV streaming in Mississippi to stream your favorite shows from the DirecTV website or application.  For each individual account holder who streams using DirecTV’s own app or site, the company will donate one meal to Feeding America.  The promotion will run until December 31st.

Feeding America is the United States’ largest domestic hunger-relief organization.  They are solving hunger in a number of ways across America.  According to Feeding America, the recovery since the Great Recession in America has left many Americans behind.  Underemployment, rising costs of living, and other factors are causing more than 46 million people to turn to Feeding America each year.

There are a few different ways that Feeding America provides hunger relief.  One is the food banks that they have across the country.  Feeding America has a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs.  The organization collects food donations from grocery stores, manufacturers, shippers, and growers as well as government agencies.  They then move the donated food to member food banks.  The food banks then distribute the items throughout food pantries and meal programs.  

Feeding America also provides a safe place for hungry children to have a meal.  They customize meals for seniors so that they can meet their nutritional needs.  When disaster strikes, Feeding America provides meals for disaster victims.  The Feeding America network distributed over 4 billion meals last year to Americans in need.

With the “Stream to Fight Hunger” promotion, DirecTV has promised that Feeding America will receive a minimum contribution of $150,000.00 for the cause.  Their goal and maximum amount is $250,000.00.  

If you’re looking for a worthy cause this season, you don’t need to look any further than DirecTV streaming in Mississippi.  Watch your favorite television show or sporting event.  Celebrate the holidays by helping your fellow Americans and participating in the “Stream to Fight Hunger” promotion. So, make sure you are up to date on your favorite shows, start something new, and fight hunger at the same time.


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