Dish Network Makes Movie Night Even Better

Dish Network Makes Movie Night Even Better

At Brad’s Electronics, we try to offer services for everyone.  Certain providers, such as Dish Network, have offers and packages that just work well for specific customers, and we try to remember that when making our recommendations.  Dish Network

If there’s nothing you love more on your downtime than to throw in some popcorn, grab a blanket, and watch a movie, Dish Network has a couple packages that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Dish Network Makes Movie Night Awesome

Americas Top 250 package from dishNET provides you with over two hundred ninety of America’s favorite television networks.  

This is a great variety of programming for people who are always looking for something new, but it’s an especially appealing package for the movie lover.  

The Top 250 package offers over a dozen additional movie channels, and dishNET offers movie packages that can enhance your experience.

You may wish to choose a movie based on its status and impact.  AMC, or American Movie Classics, is one of the channels offered in the Top 250 package and is a popular network owned by AMC networks.  

In addition to having a few hit shows, including the Walking Dead, AMC is known for playing theatrically released movies on a twenty four hour basis when they are not airing television programs.

If you find that you prefer movies on a regular basis that are produced by a specific network, you’ll love the network based movie channels offered through Dish.  

FOX Movie Channel gives you access to your favorite FOX movies.  Lifetime Movie Network also gives you their exclusive movies, run throughout the day on a regular basis, as does Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

If you’re in the mood for a specific genre, the Encore channels will help you make an easy decision.  The Encore channels come with the Top 250 package, and provide several movie channels organized by category to give you the movie selection you want based on your mood.  

There is Encore Action, Encore Black, Encore Classic, Encore Family, Encore Suspense, and even Encore Westerns for those who love western movies.  Chiller is another network that bases its content on genre, sticking with the horror genre for scary movie lovers.

If you’re nostalgic for the good old days in cinema, Turner Classic Movies is the channel for you.  TCM shows classic movies all day, and at any given time you can turn on their network to tune into the classics, including but not limited to black and whites.

For the movie lover who always wants to be the first to recommend an excellent film, Sundance TV gives you movies from the Sundance Festival, which are originally produced award nominated movies that are independently made and funded.  With this channel you’ll be the first to see the latest in indie releases.

In addition to these mentioned channels, dish Network has several other channels for movie lovers in the Top 250 package.  

They also offer a la carte packages to add on to your current bill to get your favorite movie channels all the time.  For more information about the best option for you, Brad’s Electronics is happy to offer consultation and assistance in getting you started with your cable provider.

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