Error 775 – DIRECTV

Error 775 – DIRECTV

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Error 775 – Problem communicating with Dish


Error 775 indicates your receiver is having trouble communicating with your satellite dish. Follow these steps to correct the problem:

1. Check receiver cables and make sure they are well connected and secure. (Specially the SAT IN cable)


2. Reset SWiM adapter (if you have one). To reset this adapter, unplug it from the electrical outlet and wait for 15 seconds and make sure the electrical outlet is working.

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3. Press SELECT on your remote for troubleshooting instructions, contact info, and other ways to enjoy your entertainment.


Another possible cause of this error 775 could be that the satellite dish is no longer aligned to the satellite correctly. This dish is usually installed on top of the roof or on a pole in your property, this dish may become out of alignment by things like severe weather conditions. Usually a lightning strike or a power surge, can damage internal electronic components of the Dish and cause this error. A technician visit will be required to replace or realign the satellite dish, please call us at (877) 815-6092 to schedule a service call.

If you get this error 775 frequently, contact us to schedule a visit service call. Remember, you can access your favorite movies and shoes from your computer, tablet, and smartphone while waiting for our technician.


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