Error Code 771 – DIRECTV

Error Code 771 – DIRECTV

What is the error code 771 on DIRECTV?

The error code 771 indicates there is a communication problem between your receiver and the satellite dish and will interrupt your signal.

What can cause the error code 771?

One of the most common causes is severe weather, severe storms, hail, or snow. If this error occurs while having a severe weather, please wait for it to pass. Your connection might be just affected due to the weather.

However, if there are no severe weather conditions and you’re getting the error code 771in ALL your receivers, please call DIRECTV tech support for assistance at 800.531.5000.

I get the error code 771 in some receivers only. What should I do?

First, check all your receiver cables to see if they’re connected properly to the box and the outlet. if you have adapters connected to the cables, make sure they’re secured as well.

If the problem is not solved, check for dish obstructions, verify there’s nothing blocking the line of sight from the dish to the sky. If your satellite dish is on your roof, don’t climb on your roof. Just contact DIRECTV and say 771 when prompted for assistance.

NOTE: If you have recorded shows, they can still be accessed by pressing the LIST button on your remote control. Watch your recorded shows while your service is being restored. If not, you can use DIRECTV app to watch shows and movies On Demand.



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