Meet The Hopper

Meet The Hopper

If you’ve heard of Dish Network, chances are you’ve heard of the Hopper, one of the best Dish Network benefits for customers.  The Hopper is well known by name, but what does it really do, and what makes it so great?  We have your answers right here.

Explore Dish Network Benefits Come with The Hopper

Hopper is a DVR system offered by Dish Network.  It is widely acclaimed for having great features and being user-friendly  Hopper was first introduced in 2012, and has been consistently updated to meet your television needs.  

One of the most popular features of the Hopper is “Primetime Anytime”.  This feature automatically records primetime shows on major television networks.  The best part?  You can remove commercials from the recordings!  This feature has given Hopper an excellent reputation, and inspired many people to choose Dish Network so that they can take advantage of the Hopper.

In addition to its special features, Hopper provides many of the basic features found in other devices.  You can search for your favorite program and see what’s on television.  You can digitally record your favorite programs.  You can also access a number of applications.

The Hopper turns your television into a SmartTV by providing access to a variety of apps.  This includes Facebook, viewing apps such as Netflix and Hulu, Twitter, Pandora, and The Weather Channel.  

The latest version of the Hopper cable box is Hopper 3.  It has won multiple awards for its advanced and powerful technology.  You can record up to three shows at once with Hopper 3.  If you have enabled Primetime Anytime, you can record as many as six shows at once.

Your Hopper can connect to your wireless internet service.  This is how you are able to access additional features and even browse the web.

At Brad’s Electronics, we are proud to provide the best services available in entertainment.  Our strong satellite internet signal will keep you connected even in the most rural areas.  Our Dish Network cable services will ensure that you get a wide selection of entertainment options.  You’ll be able to take full advantage of the Hopper and get the most Dish Network benefits from your service.  Even better, our skilled technicians will take care of the setup and make sure you are connected and ready to enjoy.


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