FCC Broadband Report Ranks HughesNet® Gen4 Internet Service Highest in Meeting Advertised Performance

FCC Broadband Report Ranks HughesNet® Gen4 Internet Service Highest in Meeting Advertised Performance

Hughes Network Systems distributed a press release on January 6th stating that the latest Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Broadband Report ranked HughesNet Gen4 Internet Service the highest in meeting advertised performance among all major Internet service providers.  The fifth annual report on consumer broadband services, “Measuring Broadband America – 2015,” ranked HughesNet as America’s #1 satellite broadband service with more than 1 million subscribers.

The FCC report evaluated satellite, DSL, cable and fiber optic Internet access services from a total of 16 providers, who combined cover over 80% of the U.S. residential marketplace. They found that the HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet service exceeded advertised download and upload speeds at higher rates than any other satellite or terrestrial broadband provider. The FCC noted that download speeds were consistently more than twice advertised, even during peak usage times while upload speeds were more than 1.5 times advertised speed.

In addition to over-delivering on promised speeds, HughesNet was one of the top ISPs in limiting network packet loss, which is typically caused by network congestion and affects the quality of online applications.

This is the first time HughesNet Gen4 has been evaluated in the “Measuring Broadband America” report, which is published annually by the FCC to document the evolution of broadband service quality, including download and upload speeds and the performance of specific applications, such as Web browsing, VoIP, and streaming video. Their high rankings are due in part to the 2015 release of SmartTechnologies suite of enhancements designed to improve subscribers’ speed and browsing experience by compressing data more efficiently, speeding downloads, improving Web browsing, and helping subscribers optimize their data usage.

We at Brad’s Electronics take pride in ourselves and our role in the HughesNet Gen4 team. We are proud to bring our customers America’s #1 satellite broadband service which is why we are extremely excited about the newest addition to our HughesNet family, EchoStar XIX. This year Hughes is expanding the JUPITER™ platform that powers HughesNet Gen4 by launching the EchoStar XIX, the industry’s highest-capacity broadband satellite. Its multi-spot beam Ka-band capabilities will help meet the increasing demand for the HughesNet Gen4 service in North America ensuring that no matter where you live HughesNet will continue to provide the best satellite broadband service possible.

Give us a call or contact us today to speak with a local HughesNet Satellite Internet specialist.

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