Home Office Electronics: What to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Your Home Office

Woman working with home office electronics

Home Office Electronics: What to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Your Home Office

For some people, working from home is a necessity, while for some, it’s a luxury. Whatever the reasons that have led you to set up your office at home, there are some things to keep in mind to help you be productive. For a modern home office, this means having the right home office electronics.

Woman working with home office electronics

Home office electronics to make your work-life easier

The kind of electronics you need of course depends on the tasks you need to perform, but it’s safe to say that you need a computer that is up to the task. This can be a desktop or laptop, but if your laptop is smaller, you might want to consider an additional larger computer monitor to make it easier on your eyes.

As just mentioned, your computer needs to be up to the task. Among other things, this means it should fulfill the system requirements and have enough RAM to handle video calls without it crashing the system.

The trend for many companies is going towards a paperless office or at least a limited amount of paper use. Still, a printer is still something you should have available, even if you don’t use it often. Consider a printer combined with a copier and scanner.

Make sure you have high-speed internet so that you can stay connected with your team, supervisors, clients, and business partners. After all, your computer in combination with the internet is not only your working tool but also your “interface” with the rest of the outside world.

If you anticipate computer-based audio and/or video communication, you also need a headset for better acoustics, and to keep your hands free for typing, taking notes, etc.

Your mobile phone, or at least a landline-based phone, and perhaps a fax machine even if they become increasingly redundant.

With these items, you have covered your home office electronics basics. In addition, this is a list of various smaller items that can be very useful:

  • noise-canceling headphones for better concentration
  • an ergonomic mouse
  • a USB hub
  • backup batteries

What can we at Brad’s Electronics do for you?

In two words: A lot! But to be a bit more precise:

Especially if your new home office is supposed to be more than just an interim solution, you might want to make sure that the wiring is up to standard.

Also, if you are located in an area with spotty internet, satellite internet might be the solution!

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