Hopper 3 – Features

Hopper 3 – Features

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The Hopper 3 allows you skip TV ads just by pushing a button in any of your programs. This is an amazing feature and provides you with the high-quality TV experience you deserve.


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Hopper 3 Features: 

PrimeTime, anytime: Record up to three hours of primetime television on each major network to watch later, for up to eight days after its original air date.

Store up to 2,000 hours: The Hopper 3 is equipped with 2 terabytes of storage. That means 2000 hours of recorded TV programming at your disposal.

Remote Finder: By simply pressing a button on the box, the remote will begin to beep and light up to help you find it faster.

Multiview: Using the latest remote (52.0 or 54.0)  press the Options button on the top of your remote. This opens a TV Viewing Options navigation. This feature divides your TV screen into smaller screens while maintaining excellent picture quality.

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Other Features: 

4k Resolution: Everything becomes clearer with DISH’s selection of UHD content, making it easier for you to enjoy more 4K TV programming on your Ultra HD TV. Watching programs in 4K quality requires two things – 4K TV and a source that provides content in Ultra HD. The Hopper 3 and the 4K Joey are both capable of delivering 4K resolution programs to your TV and DISH has a number of programs available in Ultra HD

Parental Controls: Secure your television programming with a password, so your children will only watch what you approve. You can also monitor what is being watched in every television by using a Hopper 3. 

Whole Home DVR:  Watch all your TV from any room, start watching in one room, pause, and resume watching in another room. You’ll have the same guide, menus, layout, apps, and search features on all of your TVs, whether they’re your main DVR or your secondary receivers.

Game Finder App: Track scores from all your favorite teams in one place, no matter which game you’re watching. Receive alerts about your teams when something happens, or schedule recordings and reminders for upcoming games.

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Accessories and Extensions

DISH Anywhere: Get 100% of your live and recorded content anywhere and thousands of On Demand titles delivered to your mobile devices. 

Voice Search: Surf channels or search for your favorite programming all by simply speaking to the new Voice Remote. 

Hopper Go: Hopper Go is a tiny device that allows Dish users to record up to 100 hours of DVR recordings in an external drive with a 64GB built-in storage. 5 users can access the recordings at the same time using it as Hotspot, iPhones and Android devices are able to join the private cloud of Hopper Go. 

Outdoors: Enjoy the best entertainment on HD, DISH makes this possible no matter where your travels take you. Watch live HD TV whether you RV, camp, tailgate, or drive a truck for a living.


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