Hopper 3 deploys 16-tuners

Hopper 3 deploys 16-tuners

The Hopper 3 DVR from Dish Network belongs to the third generation of DVR system that can record up to 16 shows at once, has a smaller remote control, enhanced 4k video, and it’s faster than other generations. 


The Hopper 3 has also Netflix app integrated, along with The Weather Channel, Amazon Music, Youtube, and more. This is the most advanced DVR and it has been designed to change the way of streaming and watching TV. 

  • The 16 tuners allow people to watch different shows in different rooms and set multiple recordings simultaneously. 
  • It can support up to 6 Joeys, a total of 7 Tvs at once. 
  • Apps integration
  • It can record up to 2TB (500 hours of HD content)

Voice Remote

The new remote is smaller than other versions and lets you speak into the remote to search for your favorite shows or movies just by speaking.  For more information about this remote, click here.

Alexa Compatibility

The Hopper 3 is also compatible with Alexa. Alexa is a voice assistant by Amazon that controls your Hopper with voice commands. Alexa allows you to pause an restart shows, but you can’t return to your previous channel. Check for a list of commands here.

Sports Bar Mode

The Hopper 3 has a bar mode that allows sports fanatics to watch 4 shows on the same screen at a time. We recommend you to have a large TV for this feature, 49-inch or larger. 

To enable the bar mode, you need to press “Options” during Live Tv, select Picture-in-Picture, select MultiView and select the Channels, you can choose 2 to divide the screen into 2 or 4 quadrants. You can only hear the audio of one quadrant and it will be surrounded by a red border. 


Dish doesn’t offer 4K channels yet, but services like Netflix or Amazon do. So you can enjoy this ultra high definition quality through your Hopper 3. 

Get your TV entertainment service with a HOPPER 3 by calling us at (662) 488-0087. We are Brad’s Electronics, your local provider. 


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