Hopper 3 – The most powerful DVR

Hopper 3 – The most powerful DVR

If you have a DVR and gives you hundreds of conflicts while watching TV, say goodbye to them with the newest technology of your HOPPER 3


The hopper 3 has wonderful features that will make your tv experience unforgettable. You can store up to 500 HD hours, it comes with a 2TB memory to record up to 250 movies, shows or any of your favorite series.

You can also enjoy 4K ultra-high-definition to enjoy this feature your TV must be 4k compatible and your additional TVs will require 4K Joey too. And if you are a soccer or sports’ fan, you don’t have to miss any game with your Hopper 3. It will allow you to watch up to 4 different games on the same screen. For more information about this cool feature, visit: Hopper 3 deploys 16 tuners. 

Integrated Apps

Several apps are integrated with your Hopper 3 like Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, Game Finder, Local Now, The Weather Channel, My Account, and Dish Music.  You can easily access your active subscriptions with your Hopper 3. Remember, some apps will require a monthly payment like Netflix. So, make sure you have your login information as well as having your account active. All these features require an Internet connection available either wire or wireless. 

Game Finder is the quickest way to find all of your favorite sports content. Simply open the app and search for your favorite team to find all current and upcoming games and view real-time updates to the Thuuz excitement rating as you browse!

The My Account app lets you pay your bill, view the previous bill history, and manage other account settings.

pandora is free, personalized radio that plays music you’ll love based on genre or artist, and continues to personalize your stations based on your preferences. Discover new music and enjoy old favorites. Log in or create an account to get started.

You can also view your local weather with the WeatherNation and Weather Channel apps.

Amazon Alexa

Controlling your tv is so easy with the new Amazon Alexa integration, use your voice to control your tv without a remote. Check Alexa command list by clicking here.

Movies On Demand

Dish has integrated a feature similar to Netflix but at no extra cost, you just need to be connected to the Internet to get instant access to thousands of TV episodes and movies with On Demand.

DISH Anywhere®

Only DISH lets you watch 100% of your TV shows and movies anywhere you go, on a computer or mobile devices available for Android and iPhone. Find the app on your Play Store or your App Store

Parental Control

If you desire you can limit the programming your children can watch. Highlight any show in your guide, press the info button on your remote, go to the parental guide tab to review information about the show. This is a great tool to make sure anything your children are watching is age-appropriate. 

Voice Remote

If you are tired of searching letter by letter on your TV, the new Voice Remote 54.0 allows you to search Live Tv, On Demand, and Netflix; just by simply pressing a button and speak.

To activate the voice recognition mode just press the microphone icon button on your remote, hold it, and speak. It is built in with a high and advanced voice recognition technology for a better TV experience. 

If you are interested in getting one of these receivers, call us today at  (877) 815-6092

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