Hopper Go – A personal video drive!

Hopper Go – A personal video drive!

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Hopper Go is a tiny device that allows Dish users to record up to 100 hours of DVR recordings in an external drive with a 64GB built-in storage. 5 users can access the recordings at the same time using it as Hotspot, iPhones and Android devices are able to join the private cloud of Hopper Go. The battery lasts up to 4 hours and it’s been optimized for mobile devices without using your space and data plan.

Connect your Hopper Go to your DVR to transfer your recorded shows using the USB cable and simple steps on your screen. Once your shows are transferred you can unplug it and roam your favorite shows on-the-go without charges.

Tech Specifications

  • No mobile data usage required
  • No mobile data storage required
  • Connect up to 5 mobile devices
  • Private Wi-Fi network
  • 100 hours of storage
  • 4-hour battery pack
  • 64 GB flash drive
  • 2.4 ounces
  • Compatible with any iOS- or Android-powered smartphone or tablet

Hopper Go – FAQs

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