How do I register on

How do I register on

Manage your account, pay bills online, buy data tokens, run speed tests, and much more!



1) Type into your Internet browser.  In the upper right corner, click on the orange “Sign in/Register” button.

2) Choose to either register by social media connection or by creating a new account using your Site Account Number (SAN). To register with social media, select the platform and follow the prompts to walk you through. Additional help is below. To create a new account using your SAN, click the “Register” button below the sign in screen. Additional help is below.
How do I register on myhughesnet

If you want to use your SAN and phone number, follow the steps below.


Enter the site account number (SAN) and phone number associated with the account. If you do not know your SAN, you can find it on your monthly statement, from (you must be connected to the modem) or on your Order Confirmation email.

Click “Continue”.

Enter your:
a. Desired HughesNet user ID. This will also be your email address.
b. First name.
c. Last name.
d. Desired password.
e. Preferred contact email.
Select three (3) security questions and answers.
Click “OK”.


The next screen verifies the creation of your account. Click “Close”



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