How to change HULU video settings to save data on HughesNet?

How to change HULU video settings to save data on HughesNet?

Hulu’s streaming library and live TV programming is available to stream in different video formats like high definition (HD), like 720p, 1080p, and 60fps video qualities. But it is also available to stream in Standard Definition (SD) that requires less bandwidth and data.

 The quality will automatically adjust based on your available bandwidth, ensuring you always have the best picture quality possible for streaming but this is not always available, it depends on the content, the device you are streaming on, and your Internet connection. 

HughesNet will provide you with a certain amount of GBs per month before they slow you down. HughesNet Gen5 Data plans will not cut you off or charge you more but as we said you will be slow down until the next billing cycle, also affordable high speed data tokens are available for purchase to resume the speed levels. Therefore to save data, make sure the data saver is selected in the video or movie you are about to watch. 


How to change HULU video settings to save data on HughesNet?


On a Computer:

1. Log in to your Hulu account.

2. Select your profile

3. Select the content to watch

4. Click on the Gear icon (left handside corner)

5. Click on “Quality” and select “Data Saver”.

On a mobile device while being connected to your HughesNet Wi-Fi network. 


1. Open your Hulu App

2. Select your profile

3. Select your favorite movie or show. 

4. Click on the “Gear” icon at the top. 

5. Select “Low” this indicates it will be streamed in Standard Definition. 

Note: If you have an unlimited data plan thru your cellphone carrier, this is not necessary, just make sure your Wi-Fi is not on in your mobile device. 

You can stream selections from Hulu’s streaming library in the following resolutions and minimum bitrates:

Standard Definition (SD): 1.5 Mbps
High Definition (HD) 720p: 3 Mbps
High Definition (HD) 1080p: 6 Mbps

While Hulu’s library of HD supported content continues to grow, at this time, it’s limited to a select list of programming, like all Hulu Originals. This programming can be watched on most supported devices with the latest Hulu app.



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