How to change the screen format on DIRECTV?

How to change the screen format on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV has different screen formats to enjoy your favorite movies and shows in the best way possible. Take into consideration these settings don’t apply to HD content. If an HD movie has 2 black bars originally, even though you change the settings, they won’t disappear. The best thing you can do is scale the size of the image to fit your entire screen.


DIRECTV has the following formats:

* Original Format: This will show the content in its original format; however, if you have a smart TV, by selecting this option your TV will set the best option of the image format for you.

* Pillar Box:  This option put black bars in both sides of the screen, the color can be changed by going to the settings > display > and preferences. If you still have an SDTV, this is something common, in SDTV these bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen.  This option is used when the video size is small and it gets distorted once is expanded.

* Stretch: If you are the type of person that hates those black bars on the sides. This format is for you, this option will stretch the picture to fit your entire screen. Take into consideration, the image might look pixelated as it has been expanded to its maximum to fit the screen.

* Crop: This format will enlarge the video size without affecting the quality, but certain areas might be cropped.


How to change the screen format on DIRECTV?

Method 1: If you have a RC66RX remote control for your receiver, just press the format button until the best option for you is selected. 


If yo have another remote model, go through the menus, press the {INFO} button and scrolling over to “Audio/Video” then down to “Change Resolution and Format.” Press {SELECT} You’ll see the format change and you can press {SELECT} on your remote to go to the next resolution. The format is listed in grey in that same menu.

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