How to Connect a HughesNet Modem to a Wireless Router

How to Connect a HughesNet Modem to a Wireless Router

Brad’s Electronics is your local all-in-one electronics solution and we take pride in helping our customers which is why we have created this handy tutorial for two of our most common HughesNet Satellite Internet questions:

  • Can I connect multiple computers to my HughesNet Satellite Internet system?
    • Yes, you can connect multiple computers; follow the steps below.
  • Can I connect a laptop wirelessly with HughesNet Satellite Internet?
    • Yes, you can wirelessly connect a laptop; follow the steps below.

How to Connect a HughesNet Modem to a Wireless Router: Step by Step HughesNet Satellite Internet Tutorial

  1. Purchase a wireless router. Brad’s Electronics technicians usually have one on hand you can purchase when they are installing your HughesNet Satellite Internet or you can buy one from just about anywhere in-store or online.
  2. In the back of your wireless router, there should be five connections with four numbered 1-4 and the fifth port or connection labeled WAN/INTERNET. Depending on the brand you purchase, ports may be color coded for convenience.
  3. Locate your HughesNet modem. It should be a white box with HughesNet on the side.  
  4. Follow the gray cable or ethernet cord to your computer. Technicians connect your computer to the modem during the installation process.
  5. Unplug the grey ethernet cord from your computer and plug into the wireless router port labeled WAN/INTERNET.
  6. If you simply want to connect your laptop to your HughesNet system wirelessly, you are done.
  7. To reconnect your desktop/PC to your Hughesnet system, connect a router cable from a numbered port to the ethernet port on your PC where you unplugged the grey cable.

Congratulations you have successfully connected your HughesNet Modem to your wireless router.

For more information on HughesNet Satellite Internet or to schedule installation give Brad’s Electronics a call at  877-815-6092.

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