How to get Rural High-Speed Internet

How to get Rural High-Speed Internet

If you live in a rural area and find yourself struggling to get good Internet service, you are probably also tired of having slow and unreliable DSL. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to good quality high-speed Internet service? Good news! DSL and cable are no longer your only options.

You can keep your rural lifestyle without sacrificing your high-speed Internet needs through Brad’s Electronics, the best source for all your electronic needs. We provide rural high-speed Internet via HughesNet Satellite Internet, which works using almost any computer anywhere across the country as long as you have a view of the southern sky. HughesNet Satellite Internet Service provides a dependable, ‘always on’ connection with no waiting. You can download files, check e-mail, and quickly surf the web without buffering.

In case you are wondering how satellite Internet works, it’s actually quite simple. A service provider such as HughesNet has a satellite placed in geostationary orbit out in space, which is basically a fancy way to say that a HughesNet satellite orbits the Earth opposite of its rotation. These satellites relay information to corresponding ground stations or Network Operation Centers (NOCs) using radio waves or microwaves after receiving them from an antenna or small dish mounted on your home. They all three work in unison to give you rural high-speed Internet.

No need to envy your city-living friends, in one phone call we can schedule an appointment to get your rural high-speed internet set up. One of our specialists will come out to your home and install a dish, modem, and any other equipment required. We do all the work and in no time at all you’ll have reliable, rural high-speed Internet access at your fingertips!

Please note that your computer must be 10 years old or newer with either Windows, Macintosh or a Linux operating system.

There are some companies offering satellite Internet service connections who promise reliability, but few if any are comparable to us. Brad’s Electronics recently won the HughesNet 2015 National Award for being the Certified Dealer with the Lowest Churn with the Most Subscribers at the HughesNet National Convention. We are not only your local HughesNet dealer but can also provide you with service for all your electronic needs. Call us at 877-815-6092 today to schedule your HughesNet Satellite Internet installation!

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