How to save data on HughesNet while streaming movies on Netflix?

How to save data on HughesNet while streaming movies on Netflix?

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HughesNet Unlimited Data Plans won’t cut you off or charge you more even though you have exceeded the amount of GBs you are given monthly. However, they will slow you down to reduced speeds until the next billing cycle. Watching Tv shows or movies on Netflix requires a lot of data, it uses about 1 GB of data per hour in SD (Standard Definition Quality), and up to 3 GB in HD (High Definition Quality). So if you are concerned about being slow down, you can easily adjust the video quality settings to save data on your HughesNet data plan and enjoy more video streaming.


You can choose among four different video quality settings on Netflix:

Low:  0.3 GB per hour per device

Medium or SD:  0.7 GB per hour per device

High: Best video quality, up to 3 GB per hour per device for HD, and 7 GB per device for Ultra HD.

Auto:  Adjusts automatically to deliver the highest possible quality, based on your current internet connection speed.

How do I change these settings?

1. Sign in to  your Netflix account at

2. Select the profile you’d like to change these settings for.

3. Select Account

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4. Under My Profile select Playback Settings

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5. Select your desired data usage settings

Note:  We will recommend to use the Low setting to be able to watch more, but the video quality will be also affected. 

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6. Select Save. Changes will take effect within 8 hours. 


All these settings above will apply while streaming on your Roku Tv, Smart Tv, Roku, and more. If you are streaming movies on a mobile device while connected to  your HughesNet Wi-Fi network, you need to change the settings on your mobile device as well. 


1. Open the Netflix App


2. Select More App Settings > Cellular Data Usage 


3. Select your preferred setting. 


Automatic – Netflix will select a data usage setting that balances data usage with good video quality. Currently this will allow you to watch about 4 hours per GB of data.

Wi-Fi Only – You will only be able to stream on the device while connected to Wi-Fi.

Save Data – Watch about 6 hours per GB of data.

Maximum Data – Recommended only if you have an unlimited data plan. This setting will stream at the highest possible quality for your device and the content you are viewing. This may use 1 GB per 20 minutes or more depending on your device and network speeds.



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Take also advantage of your BONUS ZONE in which HughesNet provides an extra 50GB between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.


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