Hughes Internet Reviews Reveal Best Summer TV Shows to Watch

Hughes Internet Reviews Reveal Best Summer TV Shows to Watch

Until recently, television worked on an Autumn schedule, and everyone waited with anticipation for their favorite shows to return with new seasons during the summer. Hughes Internet Reviews & Summer TV Series

Now, summer shows have made a big splash, as summer run series have emerged. Make sure to check out hughes internet reviews to find out which shows you will like.

Ensure you have speedy internet so you can use your Smart TV to watch at any time and enjoy your summer days in front of the TV.

Here Are Some Shows Hughes Internet Reviews Say Are a Must See


Mistresses is currently on its fourth summer season, and follows a group of four professional women on their journey through careers, love, family, and life.  The series is based on a UK series, and has been compared to Sex and the City due to the strong friendship bonds of the four women.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

The Bachelor organization has two summer shows, with the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise both airing during the summer months.  While The Bachelorette follows the same formal layout of The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise takes a more relaxed approach, simply having the participants together on an island with the intention of pairing up.


For a dark spin on reality television, UnReal is a series that takes a dark approach to a behind the scenes peek at the production of dating shows.  

Featuring a stellar cast and a sympathetic anti-hero, this show keeps viewers riveted and surprised.

Outcast & The Strain

For those who enjoy the supernatural, Outcast follows the story of a man who is possessed by demons since he was a child.  As he searches for answers and more information, he uncovers even more disturbing truths.

The Strain also fits into the supernatural category. It follows a Doctor as he discovers a vampire virus that has infected the population.  This launches a war for humanity.


The Florida Keys set family drama Bloodline has a great following, and follows a good family with a complicated past.  The dark undertones of the show appear when decisions need to be made to protect family secrets.

Animal Kingdom

If crime family shows are your favorite, you’ll love watching Animal Kingdom, a series featuring a strong matriarch and her three sons.  

From armed robbery to other criminal activities, the family gives themselves a lavish lifestyle through a life of crime.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is the summer drama everyone has been talking about, and the women’s prison set show has exploded in popularity.  

The series kicks off when a privileged woman gets arrested and sent to prison for a past crime that catches up with her, and follows the group of prison mates she meets.

So, make sure you get your high speed internet up and running, check hughes internet reviews, and get ready to play your favorite shows on stream.  You’ll be filling your evenings with nothing but consistent entertainment all summer long.

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