Making the Most of Your Smart TV

Making the Most of Your Smart TV

At Brad’s Electronics, we strive to offer you the best in cable and internet services so that you have easy access to all that you need.  One great way to combine these benefits is by owning a Smart TV.  Smart TVs are increasingly popular, and are even becoming the norm with most television companies.  If you’ve purchased a Smart TV, or are considering one, here are some great ways to make the most of your new television.        

One thing you need to know about a Smart TV is that you can download a number of apps that help you get more from your TV.  The best way to get the most out of your Smart TV is to download all of the apps that would provide the experience that you want.  You are no longer limited to what’s on the television at any given time.       

If you love to binge watch, or access great movies, you will want to download all of the major streaming apps.  Most of them require a subscription, but the easy access is incomparable.  Netflix and Hulu are the most popular, and offer a wide selection of television series and movies.  HBO and Amazon also offer instant watch apps.  If your tastes are a little more specific, many of the networks have their own streaming applications, such as AE and Lifetime.        

Some Smart TVs will even make recommendations once you have developed a consistent watching pattern.  This is a great feature for when you’re stuck on what to watch, and can be incredibly useful to those who like a specific program.        

You can also use your Smart TV to stay connected.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all available on your Smart TV, as well as Skype.  You can receive notifications, check your news feed, and respond or communicate with family and friends, all while watching television.        

If you’re looking to get into shape, look no further than your Smart TV.  There are several downloadable apps that will allow you to view work out videos on demand for free.  They have yoga, Zumba, personal trainers, and nutritionists, so whatever your fitness style, you are covered with your Smart TV.        

Your Smart TV can do pretty much anything your laptop or computer can do.  Have a question while watching your favorite show? Need more information on the news story you just heard?  You can Google, blog, browse and email all through your Smart TV.  You can even shop online, play Hughesnet games, or read on your Kindle app.       

Owning a Smart TV opens up a whole world of possibilities.  All of the information and programming you need are now available on one device, making it easy to downsize your electronics.  For high speed internet services to make the most of your Smart TV, or for recommendations on the best cable provider, Brad’s Electronics can help you make sure that your Smart TV is working to your benefit and its maximum capability.


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