Why You Need a SmartTV in Your Health Care Office

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Why You Need a SmartTV in Your Health Care Office

If you have a healthcare office, and don’t have a Smart TV, you’ve probably noticed your patients staring into space, avoiding each others glances, and reading the same poster ten times in a row.  

Power Your Smart TV with Hughesnet Gen4 in Your Health Care Office

Besides simple entertainment value, there are some great reasons why you should have a Smart TV in your office.

  1. Patient Education

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million.  The wait time in your office is valuable time that you can use to educate your patients and get them thinking about their health.  It can also answer some burning questions on your patients minds. For example, if it’s flu season, make a slideshow of the most common questions asked about the flu shot.  Or, if you work for a holistic health office, try  creating a collection of natural remedies and how they work. This will not only educate your patience, but can save time in the office by answering important questions that they want to know.

  1.  Marketing

You can use your Smart TV for smart marketing. A slideshow or video about liking your practice on Facebook can boost your social media activity. A short clip on why regular appointments are so important will let people know that they should reschedule. Keep your practice busy with Smart TV marketing, powered by HughesNet Gen4 internet.

  1.  Distraction

People who are stimulated don’t notice the time going by as much as people who are bored. A Smart TV in your waiting room can cause a necessary distraction and cut down on the anxiety people feel when they need to wait to get into your office.

  1.  Productivity

Your patients aren’t the only ones who need education. With a Smart TV in your office, you can access all sorts of educational videos and inspirational stories for your staff. The more educated your staff is, the more productive they will be. This gives you a new tool for training and collaboration.

  1.  Personalization

Your smart TV can gain wireless access to your computer or online files. This means that if a patient has had tests done, you can pull them up on your smart TV as long as they can be accessed wirelessly (which money Imaging offices are converting to).  

There are many benefits to having a Smart TV in your office. To take full advantage of all the opportunities available, you’ll want a strong internet connection with Hughesnet Gen4.



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