How DirecTV is Installed at Your Home

How DirecTV is Installed at Your Home

When you choose a cable provider,You probably won’t be able to wait to start watching your favorite shows. Setting up your new system can be troublesome, especially if you don’t know the process or where to start.  When you choose DirecTV through Brad’s Electronics,  the installation process is simple.

How DirecTV is Installed at Your Home  

First you’ll work with our customer service department to pick the right DirecTV package for you.  

Depending on your needs and preferences, DirecTV offers a variety of options to choose from. once you’ve chosen the right service for you, go set up an appointment with our skilled installation team. Our team is professionally trained and experienced and installation of your DirecTV equipment.

Before your installer arrives, they will ask that you make sure your phone line, or Internet is working properly, even if you have a HughesNet phone number.  

They will also ask to make sure that a resident of the home is present during the installation.

When our expert technician arrives,  they will first look around your property to ensure that they are installing the DirecTV dish in the best location possible.

They will also be looking at where they should direct the cables,  to make sure they are safely and unobtrusively placed.

Before installing the DirecTV equipment, your Brad’s Electronics service technician will go over the plan for installation with you.   If you  approve of the plan, the installation process will begin. At Brad’s Electronics we pride ourselves on customer service.  

If you have special requests for the installation process, we will find a plan that works for you and still provides the best reception possible for your DirecTV package.

The technician will install the DirecTV dish with a clear view of the sky.  They will then connect the cables necessary to your televisions and the DirecTV boxes they will bring with them to the appointment.  In some instances, you may need extra Hardware to ensure the best service possible.   

Our technician will make sure that they assess this need and take care of it for you.   

Your installation experience with Brad’s Electronics does not end until you have quality reception for your cable programming.  If a problem occurs down the road, you can always call on one of our customer service representatives for the best in quality care.

With DirecTV, you will have a variety of entertainment options available to you at the push of a button.   With our expert installation services, you won’t need to worry about clumsy equipment or complicated processes.   Just use your HughesNet phone number to give us a call and set up your DirecTV service through Brad’s Electronics today.

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