HughesNet Plans & DirecTV Bundles Through Brad’s Electronics

HughesNet Plans & DirecTV Bundles Through Brad’s Electronics

Hughesnet internet is a satellite internet provider that is unmatched in its industry.  Steadily rising in popularity, HughesNet plans are known for their uninterrupted and steady internet service, high speed, and reliability. HughesNet Plans

Satellite internet is also popular because of its convenient service areas.  You can get satellite internet anywhere in the US, even in the most rural areas.  Because it runs from a satellite, all you need is a view of the open sky.

At Brad’s Electronics, we offer the best pricing possible to our customers with the best service available.  We are proud suppliers of HughesNet and DirecTV.  

Direct TV & HughesNet Plans

Our expert team of professionals will handle your setup and installation when you sign on through our company with these providers, and our customer service staff will be available to answer all of your questions and advise you throughout the process.  

HughesNet and DirecTV provide quality service for your cable and internet needs.  Now, you can take advantage of a special offer to bundle your services through these providers.

DirecTV offers a wide variety of channels for the avid television watcher.  Not only do you get regular and popular cable programming, but there are additional channels exclusive to DirecTV.  With quality programming and endless entertainment, DirecTV offers great benefit to its customers.

Now, you can bundle these two amazing programs at Brad’s Electronics.   By bundling your services, you not only have the benefit of two amazing services, but you can save money.  The first year you sign on with DirecTV and HughesNet as a bundle, you receive monthly savings that equal up to $120.00 total.

DirecTV and HughesNet are two leaders in their industry, and now they’ve come together to ensure that you save money and are provided with the highest quality service.  When you decide to bundle these services, a Brad’s Electronics representative will advise you on the best package to fit your needs.

Then, they will ensure that you are placed on the bundle package to give you the best monetary advantage.  Once you are ready, a service technician will come with the proper equipment to start your cable and internet services.  They will do the full installation, and when they leave you will be ready to enjoy your new internet and cable!

Individual Directv and HughesNet plans are still available through Brad’s Electronics, but if you are a new customer to these providers, you may want to consider this bundle.   For more information, contact a representative at Brad’s Electronics while this offer is still available.

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  • julia baker Reply

    If I already have Hughes internet can I still get a bundle of I switch to direct tv

    November 9, 2022 at 11:11 pm
    • Brad's Electronics Reply

      We do have some options that we have available, please call the office at 662-488-0087, we are short staff due to sickness, but you can also go to our Facebook page and send us a message with your contact information and we will definitely give you a call.

      November 14, 2022 at 12:53 pm

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