HughesNet Reviews – Hughes Net rated “Best at Meeting Expectations” by the FCC

HughesNet Reviews – Hughes Net rated “Best at Meeting Expectations” by the FCC

HughesNet ReviewsAt Brad’s Electronics, we make it our goal to offer only the highest quality services to our customers and the HughesNet reviews are our proof.  

We look for providers that match our standards in excellence, customer service and product knowledge.  

There are many reasons we have continuously offered Hughes Net satellite service through our company.  

Satellite internet faster and more efficient than other alternatives in general.

Hughes Net satellite service specifically is the top satellite internet company of its kind.  

HughesNet Reviews by FCC Say Great Things

It has recently been rated the best at meeting expectations by the Federal Communications Commission.

Our company prides themselves on excellent service and fulfilling our customers’ expectations.

We are proud to be partnered with a provider of internet service that is known for holding up their promises.  

Held against all major internet services, the Federal Communications Commission ranked Hughes Net Gen 4 satellite broadband service first in its “Measuring Broadband America” report in the category of delivering advertised expectations for performance.

Hughes Net actually exceeded the advertised download and upload speeds and was faster than any other satellite or traditional broadband provider.  

In fact, download speeds were consistently more than twice as fast as advertised, showing how honest their advertising is.  

They have a high monthly download capacity, higher speeds and large bandwidth capacity compared to other providers in their category.  

It’s no wonder that with their transparent method of setting expectations, Hughes Net has over one million users and is the leading satellite internet provider in the United States.

Hughes Net has been in business over forty years. The concept of satellite internet has become increasingly popular as the value becomes more widely recognized.  

Satellite internet is emerging more and more as a superior alternative to traditional broadband.  

It is typically faster, with less interruptions, and can be installed in rural areas with no communication issues.  

At Brad’s Electronics, our expert installation team makes the process quick and simple for the homeowner or business.  

Brad’s offers Hughes Net and can give outstanding and professional advice or troubleshooting services on the product. 

We also have a backup team with Hughes Net’s own operations system that is renowned for excellent customer service and quality control.

Hughes Net satellite works by sending the request from your computer to a Hughes Net satellite.  

Then, the satellite connects with the Hughes Network Operating Center and communicates the request.  

The information is returned to the satellite and sent directly to your computer.  This entire process is completed almost instantly!

With fast speeds, reliable service, and an expectation that is not only met but exceeded, Hughes Net is the obvious choice for satellite internet in your home, business, or facility.  

This being the first year that HughesNet reviews were included in the FCC report mentioned above, the honor of taking first in the category of meeting expectations is not lost on us.  

We’re very happy to be able to provide this exceptional service to our customers at Brad’s Electronics.

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