HughesNet Slow or Not Internet connection

HughesNet Slow or Not Internet connection

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HughesNet Satellite Internet can be affected due to bad weather conditions and it will be restored once it’s clear. However, if you are not experiencing inclement weather, HughesNet slow or not Internet connection might be caused by other factors. You can learn some troubleshooting steps before calling Technical Support.


Step 1: Check your Usage

All HughesNet Gen5 plans come with a certain amount of GBs depending on your data plan. If you are experiencing slow connection, check your usage at or using the mobile app. You might have exceeded your service data plan and the speeds have been reduced. The speeds will remain reduced until the next billing cycle, you can also buy data tokens to restore the service to full speeds.

* How to buy data tokens? 

Step 2: Check Wiring

Check all cords from the satellite dish to the modem and if your computer is wired to the modem, check that connection as well, if you have an additional Ethernet cable, try to replace it.

Sometimes cables can go bad or they become loose causing interference with your Internet connection. Especially, if your satellite dish was placed on the ground, animals like squirrels or dogs can easily chew this wire up. 


Step 3: Reset your modem

After checking your usage and cords and it seems everything ok, resetting your modem can help you restore the Internet connection. If you have the latest HughesNet Gen5 modem model HT2000W, you can easily press the reset button at the back of the modem, a toothpick or a needle might be required. Press and hold the button until all the lights on the modem turn off. But if you have another model and the reset button is not available, you can unplug the modem from the wall outlet, and wait at least 10 seconds to plug it back in. 


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Other Recommendations:

1. Place your modem in a central location in your home. So all the rooms in your house have the same range and coverage. 

2. Make sure your satellite dish is free of any obstacle.  Clean any leaves, snow, or debris that has fallen onto your dish. 

3. Check for any loose screws on your dish. A misalignment can create service interruption.   


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