Best Speeches to Stream for Team Motivation

Best Speeches to Stream for Team Motivation

Getting your team motivated in the workplace can be a trial.  Brief daily or weekly meetings to stay on task are a great way to boost motivation and inspire people to greatness.  One very popular and effective method of group motivation is showing an inspirational speech to your team.  This has been shown to fire people up and increase office productivity.  

Hughesnet Speeds Help You Stream Motivation

Finding the right resources to motivate your team can be a challenge.  Thankfully, with quick Hughesnet speeds and our list of inspirational speeches, you can get your team moving in no time.  Here are some of our favorite speeches to stream for team motivation.

“How Incredibly Successful People Think” by Brendan Buchard

Brendan Buchard is a professional and wildly successful motivational speaker.  He’s also a best selling author.  His conversational style and laid back approach to motivational speaking makes you feel as if anything is possible.  This speech focuses on the mindset of success, and is sure to have that naysayer in your office changing their tune.  It’s also about six minutes long, which is a manageable length for a quick office pow-wow.  

Harvard Commencement Speech by J.K. Rowling

What makes this speech so amazing is that J.K. Rowling is not a professional speaker.  This speech given to Harvard graduates talks about how important mistakes and failure can be to success.  It’s a huge motivator because it comes from her own personal accounts.  Although this speech is twenty minutes long, Rowling is charming, funny, and entertaining throughout.  If you feel like your staff is getting discouraged and need them to keep going, this is the video for you.

“Nothing to Something” by Eric Thomas

You can pretty much stream any clip or speech by Eric Thomas and get people pumped up.  Thomas’s real-life experience and straight shooting style reaches pretty much everyone.  This documentary style video, gives you the background to this amazingly successful individual, and is sure to emotionally move your team and put their struggles into perspective.

“The Puzzle of Motivation” by Dan Pink

This speech is more for management, but your everyday staff can benefit as well.  Dan Pink talks about how to motivate people, and how science and everyday business practices conflict with each other.  He talks about the reward system and how it is truly not the right way to motivate people.  So, what is the right way?  Watch the speech and find out!  There are some great creative concepts in here.

With these speeches, you’ll be sure to keep your staff on task.  Motivation is a powerful tool, and when you keep people motivated, you have a more successful team behind you.  Stream these speeches at Hughesnet speeds to keep the motivation alive in your staff.


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