NEW Hughes Wi-Fi Booster

NEW Hughes Wi-Fi Booster

If you are tired of looking for a Wi-Fi signal in your house, we have good news for you. The new HughesNet Wi-Fi Booster allows you to have stronger Wi-Fi strength. Now you can just relax and enjoy to have your entire house covered with a great connection.

The new Hughes Wi-Fi booster maintains your connection so stable that you don’t have to worry about your favorite show freezing. It is pretty simple to install, you just need to follow some steps to set it up and to continue enjoying your Internet service in every room in your home.

As you know the Wi-Fi signal can be interfered by several factors. Apple recommends not to have a microwave oven close to your modem station as well as they coin concrete walls might cause a high interference in your Wi-Fi strength. You can read more about other objects that interfere and the way you can help to reduce it at This new Wi-Fi booster is ideal even if your house has concrete walls. It also works on both 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz channels.

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How do I know if  I need a Wi-Fi Booster?

If you have areas in your home that have weak or no signal, you can definitely benefit from increasing the Wi-Fi range in areas like garages or backyards.

Can I use the Wi-Fi Booster if I don’t have HughesNet?

No, this Wi-Fi booster has been designed to work only with the HughesNet HT2000W modem.

What are the requirements for the Gen5 Wi-Fi Booster?

A HughesNet HT2000W modem, internet connection, and an electrical outlet.

Do I have to change my modem username and password to configure the Wi-fi Booster?

No, the Wi-Fi booster will use the current credentials.

Can I have more than one Wi-Fi Booster at home?

Yes, if you have a big house and you would like to have it all covered, you can boost your Wi-Fi signal with more than one Booster.

How do I set up my Wi-Fi Booster?

HughesNet created a step-by-step guide to help you install your Booster. You can also call us at (877) 815-6092 for assistance.

What do the LEDs on my Wi-Fi Booster mean?

Flashing Purple means the Booster is syncing with your modem
Solid Purple is booting up
Red means ready to sync or out of range
Blue means connected
Solid Amber, not an appropriate distance, try moving your Booster closer to your modem

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