Insider Tips for Using Dish Network

Insider Tips for Using Dish Network

Dish Network is one of our providers at Brad’s Electronics, and a great option for those who want a variety of channels, great service, and convenient access to a world of entertainment.  As with any equipment or service, those in the know have figured out the way to get the most from your Dish Network.

Insider Tips for Using Dish Network

Use your phone line

If you plug a phone line into your Dish Network receiver, you can enhance your service in a number of ways.  You will now be able to order pay per view movies, change your programming packages directly, and communicate with Dish Network.  You can connect with a traditional phone cord.  If you have a smart TV, connect it to your wifi for a similar experience.

MultiView mode

MultiView mode is a new feature from Dish Network.  It’s now available on Hopper 3.  This feature allows you to view up to four channels at one time.  This is great for watching multiple games, and is a favorite feature among sports fans.


Dish Network has the option to add favorite channels.  You can have multiple lists, that you can label by category or the person in your home who prefers them.  You can find the option to add favorites under preferences in the menu section.

Parental Locks

Dish Network offers a variety of security options to help you suggest and monitor channels for your children.  Parental locks allow you to lock certain channels so that your children cannot have access to channels you feel are inappropriate to watch.  You can even block certain television shows or ratings to get more specific.

Duo DVRs

Dish Network offers a DuoDVR.  This option comes with two DVR units, with which you can watch recorded programs.  On most DVR units, you need to watch the program on the television where it was recorded.  With the DuoDVR, you can record the program on one box, and watch it on another.  Meaning, if you recorded your show in the living room, you can watch it in your bedroom later that night.  
Understanding your Dish Network service will help you get the most out of it.  If you have any questions when using Dish, call your support team at Brad’s Electronics.  


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