Hughesnet is the Number One Choice for Satellite Internet in America

Hughesnet is the Number One Choice for Satellite Internet in America

For the second year in a row, Hughesnet has been selected by the Federal Communications Commission as the number one choice for satellite internet in America.  The title is given to the major service provider that delivers best on advertised performance promises, and those who are looking for local internet services can rely on HughesNet Gen4 in Arkansas, according to the FCC.

Looking for the Best?  Opt for HughesNet Gen4 in Arkansas

On December 1, 2016, “Measuring Broadband America” ranked HughesNet the leader for delivering advertised download and upload speeds.  This is the second year in a row HughesNet has been recognized for delivering at this level.

This is the FCC’s sixth annual report on consumer broadband services.  The report evaluates satellite, DSL, cable, and fiber internet access services.  This includes sixteen providers.  The report showed that the HughesNet Gen4 service went above and beyond their advertised download and upload speeds.  In fact, download speeds were more than twice the speed advertised, even during peak usage times.

What’s So Great About HughesNet?

HughesNet has a lot of consumer benefits.  Faster surfing and downloads are the most well-known benefits advertised from HughesNet.  But having high speed gives you a variety of amazing features and capabilities.  You can share pictures, post videos, and download music at lightning speed.  You have access to online education, and won’t be interrupted by buffering or slow internet services.  Shopping is easy with HughesNet, and you’ll never have double charges from clicking the “buy” button too many times due to slow service.  

HughesNet has long been known for its ability to give rural areas access to internet service.  Because all HughesNet needs to operate is access to the sky, you can have internet access even in the most remote areas.  Now, it is a widely used high-speed internet service that many are choosing over traditional broadband networks due to its reliability and speed.

With HughesNet Gen4 in Arkansas, you get all of the high-speed capabilities and benefits that are promised to you.  This is why people trust HughesNet above other providers, and why it has begun to emerge as a top choice in internet service comparisons.  The FCC agrees, and we look forward to more years of recognition for our partners at HughesNet for their superior service and ethical marketing practices.  


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