Lutron Smart Lighting Solutions

Award-Winning Smart Home Lighting System

When you are looking for a lighting system that suits your needs, choose Lutron. With Lutron, you not only control when and where you illuminate your space but also what colors are used and how bright or dim your light fixtures glow.

Most of us have light fixtures with switches or pull chains that turn on and shut off each light individually.

But what if you could adjust the lighting to help you wind down or get focused? Maybe you want the lighting warmer or cooler to create a certain mood or accentuate your decor.

With Lutron, you can do all of this and more. Lutron is compatible with more smart home devices than any other competitor.

Smart lighting is for people is for homes and businesses to make the most of their environment and use their light fixtures to their maximum potential. Create the atmosphere you want when you need it most.

When you choose Lutron, you don’t just get an award-winning smart light system; you revitalize your home or office space and make it work for you.

Style Without Compromise

When you pick a lighting system, you want one that will compliment your surroundings. Choose what your dimmers, controls, wall plates, and automated window treatments look like, selecting from a wide variety of colors and finishes including:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Metal

Browse through four designs to match your decor:

  • Architectural
  • New Architectural
  • Traditional
  • Designer

Blue Light

In the day, the sky is bright blue because it reflects blue light waves. That blue color energizes us, lifts our mood, and sharpens our attention. That’s why most people feel less motivated on cloudy days and more productive when skies are clear and the sun is shining.

But when we spend time indoors, especially as the sun sets, we turn on our lights and fool our bodies into believing it’s still daylight. Studies show that blue light negatively affects your sleep. Digital screens and traditional lighting options emit blue light waves, causing your body to feel alert when it needs to relax.

Before you commit to less than appealing blue-blocking glasses or live your nightlife by dangerous candlelight, consider switching to Lutron.

With Lutron’s color tuning control, you can use human biology to your advantage. Use cool colors to light up your living quarters or workspace in the day, and warm colors at a lowered brightness to softly illuminate your home a few hours before you plan to settle into bed for the night.

Save Energy

By applying dimmers, your home or office uses the amount of light necessary for a specific task, and lowers your electric bill, saving energy.

Why spend more on energy costs than necessary? Occupancy sensors prevent lights from remaining on in rooms where no one is present.

With Lutron, your lighting adapts to every situation and is only utilized when and where it’s needed. Control your living or workspace efficiently and practically with a smart lighting system designed with your needs in mind. 

Installing Lutron in Your Home or Office

If you have decided that you want the Lutron Smart Lighting System installed on your property, let one of the expert technicians at Brad’s Electronics set it up for you. We will go over your options and answer all of your questions.

Contact us today for a consultation.