Man Cave Ideas: The Best Electronics to Turn Your Spare Room into a Man Cave

Man Cave Ideas and Tips

Man Cave Ideas: The Best Electronics to Turn Your Spare Room into a Man Cave

Are you looking for man cave ideas? Do you have a spare room and dream of converting it into your personal space for relaxation, enjoying your hobbies, or simply hanging out?

Turning a room into a man cave is a project with several aspects and steps. They mostly depend on the spare room’s condition (garage, attic, basement, empty room in the home.) Such a conversion can include simple things like fresh paint, furniture, and decoration. However, there can also be remodeling, renovation or construction involved. As experts in electronics, we would like to talk about the electronic aspects and the gadgets and gimmicks that will help turn your personal retreat into something special!

The right wiring and network to make your man cave ideas a reality

Let’s start with a few basics: In your personal retreat and rec room, you don’t want to spend your time searching for electric outlets or stumble over extension cords. You certainly also don’t want to trip the breakers or blow a fuse! That’s why the right wiring structure is so important.

Another important aspect is your internet connection and computer network. Let’s face it, both are an integral part of not only office but also home life. This is especially the case if you are planning on using your man cave as a home office as well.

Man Cave Media Room Ideas


The next part depends of course on your personal interests, but we consider it a safe bet that some kind of TV will be part of it. You might be a movie buff and use your man cave as a home theater, follow the news or enjoy watching your sporting events. TV can be considered standard equipment.

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If applicable, make sure you also have the right player (DVD/Blu-ray) for your DVD and/or Blu-ray collection.

Maybe you would like to take the home theater experience even a step further and add a projector to the mix.

Sound System

For a really immersive sound experience (be it music, tv, or gaming sounds), consider including a proper sound system with surround sound in the mix. (As a side note: For the sake of domestic peace, a few sound insulation measures might be a good idea if you enjoy turning up the volume.)


Computer gaming is a wide field these days. Maybe you prefer playing on your PC/Mac? In that case, you obviously need that, and don’t forget a good headset!

However, if you want to up your game (so to speak) with a game console, you have a variety of options. Here are some of the best-known:

  • XBOX
  • PlayStation
  • Wii (even though the production has been meanwhile discontinued, it’s still around!)

Here’s another idea that hugely adds to the design factor as well: How about a real Arcade game?

Home Office

If you want your man cave to double as a home office, there is additional home office equipment to consider.

The basics:

  • the computer of your choice with monitor (PC, Mac, desktop, laptop)
  • a printer (either solo or including scanner/copy/fax options)
  • and perhaps additional monitors, depending on the requirements of your work.

Have we inspired you? Great, that was the idea! You can find more man cave ideas (design and otherwise) via our link list below.

If you are ready to turn this inspiration into reality and need support with your TV, internet, and more:

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