New HughesNet Gen 5

New HughesNet Gen 5

New HughesNet Gen 5

America’s #1 Choice for Satellite Internet Is Better Than Ever

For those who live life in areas without DSL or wire internet, the wait is over!  HughesNet delivers high-speed satellite Internet service anywhere from coast to coast.

Ever since satellite internet provider HughesNet launched its 5th generation satellite in December powered by “EchoStar XIX, the world’s highest-capacity broadband satellite, will power HughesNet Gen5, the next generation of the nation’s #1 high-speed satellite Internet service. HughesNet Gen5 will deliver more speed, more data and more advanced features for consumers and small businesses with limited Internet access options.”

Gen5 was launched on April 1st, 2017.

All plans come with the same fast speeds, so it’s easy to choose a plan that’s right for you. 

Now you can:

  • Shop more online at your favorite stores.
  • Learn more and get homework done faster.
  • Share more pictures, videos, and memories.
  • Download and Stream more music and video clips.
  • Save more time by doing everything faster online: banking, planning travel, and more!
  • Connect more with family and friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Stay more informed with local weather, news and events in your community.


You can also enjoy of the new built-in features: WIFI, Video Data Saver, the bonus zone and no hard data limits.

WIFI: Connect all your devices at home with incredible speed and excellent coverage.

Video Data Saver: Watch more videos using less data.

Bonus Zone: (2 am – 8 am) you get up to 50GB for free data to use every month, use this data to download large files or updates for your devices.

No hard data limits: That means that even if you exceed your plan data, we won’t cut you off or charge you more. If you do use all of your plan data before the end of the month, you will be able to continue using the Internet for all applications but your speeds will reduce and will typically be in the range of 1 to 3 Mbps.



You can check our plans and pricing at:

Starting at: $49.99


Source: HughesNet

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