Popular Online Games You’ll Love Playing

Popular Online Games You’ll Love Playing

Playing games online is a fun way to pass the time.  You can enjoy gaming whether you are fifteen or fifty.  The world of online gaming is constantly changing and advancing.   You can create whole worlds, communicate with fellow game players, and even win prizes.  For a hobby that requires this many graphics, you need a strong internet connection. This is why we at Brad’s Electronics recommend Hughes Net high speed internet services no matter where you live.

Online Gaming with Hughes Net High Speed Internet Services

A high speed internet connection is essential with advanced online gaming.  Here are some of the best online games available right now, no matter what your style of gaming may be.

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme Deluxe

If you like to play alone, Solitaire Kingdom Supreme Deluxe by Slingo is a great upgrade from the classic card game. This game takes a traditional game of Solitaire and digitizes it, adding special features that will keep you playing in this Solitaire Kingdom.  In addition to the regular cards, you can draw special bonus cards to unlock powers to help you advance throughout the game. This game will have you playing for hours looking for the next bonus.


If you prefer to work as a team, Overwatch is the game for you.  As a role-playing shooter game, Overwatch divides groups into two teams and gives each teammate different skills and abilities to specialize in.  Those who love an interactive strategy game will be thrilled with Overwatch.  The game is brand new and players are able to use avatars to represent themselves.

Abobos Big Adventure

If you prefer to the classics, and miss your Nintendo system, try Abobos Big adventure.  Not only are the graphics reminiscent of the old Nintendo systems, but you’ll see guest appearances from some of your favorite Nintendo characters. Watch for characters from Super Mario Bros.

Marvel Heroes

If you like role playing games and enjoy being the hero of the story, Marvel Heroes is the game for you.  A story line driven game, Marvel Heroes brings all your favorites from the Marvel Universe into one game.  In fact, the full story line features over 100 Marvel characters, and up to fifty five potential characters that you yourself can play.

Diner Dash

Most of these games are for the chronic gamer, but if you just like to dabble Facebook has a variety of games that will appeal to you.  Diner Dash is a popular game,  also available on mobile, that  places you and a busy diner with a variety of customers. The game is simple but fast paste, and users love the challenges at each level. This is a great time passing game for users of any level.

In the world of online gaming, every second counts. Make sure that Brad’s Electronics has installed your Hughes Net high speed internet service so that your games don’t get interrupted just as you’re about to reach the next milestone.




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