DIRECTV RC71 IR/RF Remote Control

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DIRECTV RC71 IR/RF Remote Control


This is the new remote used for the hr44 genie and the c41 clients.
The remote is air and a rf remote
In IR mode it will work with regular DIRECTV brand boxes
In RF mode it will only work with the new hr44 genie and c41 clients.

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The newest remote from DIRECTV, the RC71 has an all-new design re-engineered to give you faster access to the functions you need. This remote fits your hand well and simplifies operation. The RC71 will also control your TV and/or receiver for the volume and power functions, once you've told the remote what model components you have. When used in RF mode, this remote is faster and more accurate due to the RF4CE protocol. This two-way protocol confirms each button press, so no missed digits in three-digit channels! In IR mode, this remote is compatible with all legacy and current DIRECTV receivers. In RF mode, this remote will only work with the DIRECTV HR44 Genie and the Genie clients C41 and C41W. (When in RF mode, it will still use IR for TV/AV functions.)

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