Dish 54.0 Voice Remote


This modern DISH 54.0 Voice Remote from One For All allows voice search and control—just say what you want! It works with all Hopper, Joey and Wally receivers. It’s motion activated backlit keypad lights up when you need it. The DISH 54.0 is a universal remote compatible with your receiver, TV and audio device.
  • Controls receiver, TV and audio device
  • Voice search and control
  • Backlighting for easy readability
  • Works with Hopper, Joey and Wally receivers
  • Keep in mind, only the following software versions or later will fully support the 54.0 remote: Hopper 3 U502 Hopper w/ Sling U237 Hopper U117 Wally U421 Joey 1 U281 Joey 2 U281 4K Joey U482 Wireless Joey U281 Super Joey U377


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