A Basic Introduction to March Madness

A Basic Introduction to March Madness

Every year around this time, sports fans get ready for March Madness.  They buy popcorn, start researching their favorite basketball teams, make sure they take advantage of Directv bundles in Hattiesburg MS so that they can tune in from around the country.  For college sports lovers, there is no more exciting event then that time when March Madness begins.   If you’ve heard of March Madness, but have no idea what it is, this simple introduction will let you know what all of the hubbub is about.

Provider of Directv Bundles in Hattiesburg MS Explains March Madness

March Madness is a basketball tournament that reaches its peak in March, with the top sixty eight teams in the country playing consecutive games to finalize their standing.   Each game, the loser goes home and the winner moves on. It’s a week straight of non-stop basketball to see who the top basketball team in the country is.  Anybody can win.

During March Madness, everybody plays their best, and when it comes to odds, there’s no such thing as a favorite.  

Last year, Villanova won and it was an exciting and memorable game.  Villanova had a buzzer-beater over North Carolina and took finals to win the national championship at the last possible second of the season.  Many people expect that they’ll be taking the trophy again this year for a repeat performance. They’ve been ranked number one all year, and fans can’t forget their game-saving move that inspired a strong following this year.  

During March Madness, teams play in different sections all over the country.  Cities take turns hosting the games.   It all begins on Selection Sunday, when the top sixty-eight teams are revealed to the public.  This year, Selection Sunday will take place on March 12, 2017, so check the status of your Directv bundles in Hattiesburg MS.  

The NCAA website even has an online bracket where you can pick and track your top choices to win!  This makes the entire event interactive and exciting as you start to personally invest in your teams.  
March Madness is an exciting time for all, and a must-watch for sports fans.  Get into the spirit by doing some research and supporting your favorite basketball teams.  Who is your pick for the winner this year?  Let us know in the comments section below!



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