Recapping the Best Holiday Episodes on TV

Recapping the Best Holiday Episodes on TV

Holiday episodes are tricky. Many TV series use them as filler episodes, therefore taking away a lot of the good qualities about the show during the episode. Every now and then, you get a holiday episode that is heartwarming, funny or actually moves the plot of the show forward. Here are some of the best holiday episodes we’ve seen on TV.  With an electronics bundle from Brad’s Electronics, you can re-watch these holiday favorites.

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Seinfeld, “The Pick”, S4:Ep13

Everyone loves Seinfeld, but the holiday episode that gives you all the hilarious and interesting aspects of the show is “The Pick”. Most people remember this as the Festivus episode, and Festivus has become a running joke for households everywhere.  You can still purchase Festivus poles to have your very own quirky celebration. And let’s not forget Elaine’s infamous holiday Christmas card, complete with inappropriate wardrobe malfunction. Although this episode is frequently shown during the holidays, you can get it on demand by streaming it on Hulu.

The Wonder Years, “Christmas”, S2:Ep3

If you like your holiday episodes to be sentimental, this episode is the one to watch.   Lovers of Kevin and Winnie’s relationship story line will go right along on Kevin’s journey to find Winnie the perfect present for Christmas.  You’ll also laugh at Kevin’s persistence to get his father to buy a color TV. The caroling scene will warm your heart, and when Kevin opens his present from Winnie you’ll get all the Wonder Years nostalgia that you would look for in a Christmas episode. You can stream this one on Netflix this holiday season.

Gilmore Girls,  “The Bracebridge Dinner”, S2:Ep10

If you loved the Gilmore Girls, you’ve probably already watched the new Gilmore Girls revival and are craving more.  Don’t worry- you can get your holiday fix with this Gilmore Girls episode.  This episode of The Gilmore Girls has everything a holiday Gilmore Girls episode should.  Rory’s part of a growing love triangle, the citizens of Stars Hollow are there to celebrate, and family tension ensues with the members of the Gilmore clan.  This one is also available for Netflix streaming.

The Office, “A Benihaha Christmas, S3:Ep10,11

The American version of The Office exploded in popularity with its dry humor, occasional dark humor and mockumentary-style filming. In this Christmas episode, we see the guys and the girls separate for a while and get the gender bonding and humorous interaction between each group. This episode is pre Jim and Pam, so when the group converges, we get the classic “will they, won’t they” storyline we loved about these two.


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