Rural Internet Options

Rural Internet Options

As new technology is developed, more rural Internet options become available to those living in rural areas. Right now, these options are typically limited to DSL, cable, and satellite. There are inherent pros and cons that come with each of these options but most of Brad’s Electronics customers prefer the satellite Internet route simply because it provides reliable quality service when you need it.

DSL (digital subscriber line) uses telephone lines to transmit information. In order for it to work optimally you must live close to a provider’s central office. This tends to be a problem for folks that live in rural areas because the farther away you live from that central office, the slower the service becomes; causing drops in your Internet connection.

Another rural Internet option is cable Internet. Instead of using a telephone line to connect you like with DSL, the provider uses the same coaxial cable that you use to watch TV. This is the most frequently used way to access the Internet because it is much faster than DSL. The problem with cable Internet is you must live a cable ready area. If you live in a rural area, you already know most companies don’t offer cable service too far outside the city.

A third option, not very widely used, is WISP or a Wireless Internet Service Provider. This service is typically offered through a local ISP and is growing, but at a crawl in rural locales.

For areas that do not have DSL or cable accessibility (let alone fiber-optic cable), your best choice for rural Internet option is satellite. Satellite Internet works similar to satellite TV in that an orbiting satellite located about 22,000 miles out in space connects with a dish at your home that is connected to your home computer through a modem. Most people find that this is the best option for rural internet as long as you have clear access to a southward view of the sky. This means no big trees or buildings can obstruct the view of dish on your property to the orbiting satellite in space.

Brad’s Electronics offers several Satellite Internet options to choose from. Let Brad’s Electronics connect you with HughesNet Satellite Internet and you won’t have to worry about crashes during your binge sessions. Call today at 877-815-6092 to schedule your installation!

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