Satellite TV Options for RV

Satellite TV Options for RV

Planning a little road trip in your motorhome or love traveling and want to take your favorite shows with you? There are a few Satellite TV options for RV s to choose from whether traveling for the big game and tailgate or taking a cross country trip to see friends and family. It all depends on what your needs are.

Satellite TV Options for RV: In-Motion RV Satellites

In-motion RV satellites allow you to watch TV while on the road and as the name implies, in-motion. These systems are ideal when traveling with others who may want to watch TV or do other things while you drive. An in-motion system can acquire a satellite signal even when you’re moving and often offer dual hook-ups allowing more than one TV to play at a time.

When looking for an in-motion RV satellite, buy one that has a digital video broadcasting (DVB) signal acquisition as these tend to have the fastest results. Also, take a look at the satellite’s compatibility with Satellite TV providers like DISH and DIRECTV to avoid have to purchase another receiver for your in-motion RV satellite.

Satellite TV Options for RV: Satellite TV Providers

There are many Satellite TV options for your RV but two in particular that we are partial to, DISH and DIRECTV. With the DIRECTV CHOICE MOBILEpackage you can take over 185 channels on the road including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC from New York or Los Angeles via their Distant Network Services. DISH Network is also available for travelers on the go.

If you wish to utilize either DISH or DIRECTV mobile plans, the best dish antenna to buy is the Trav’ler. They are designed to allow simultaneous satellite use with no delay and are the only satellite antenna to offer full DirecTV HD programming. It is also a good choice for those who want to use the HD DVR functions available with these mobile Satellite Providers.  

Satellite TV Options for RV: Televisions

One thing to take into consideration when looking into Satellite TV options for RV is your television. If your RV TV is old and isn’t digital or digitally-upgraded, it may not be compatible with the FCC guidelines and you will to have to invest in a new RV TV or at least invest in a converter box to improve compatibility. You can find an upgraded set for relatively cheap that mounts on the wall to save space, reduce glare, and increase device flexibility.

For more information on Satellite TV options for RV give the experts at Brad’s Electronics a call. They can help get you set up with a Satellite TV provider that works with your needs within your budget and even recommend a Satellite Dish compatible with your system. 

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