Satellite TV Options – 6 New Shows You Must See This Season

Satellite TV Options – 6 New Shows You Must See This Season

At Brad’s Electronics, we offer the best in satellite TV options and internet services so that you never miss your favorite television show.  Satellite TV Options

If you haven’t invested in one of our cable or internet opportunities yet, these new shows that you can’t miss introduced on television this season will have you convinced.  

Whether you use our satellite internet to binge watch and recap, or our cable services to start fresh, there’s something new for everyone.

Satellite TV Options – This Seasons Top 6 Great New Shows

Shades of Blue premiered in January, 2016, and is the perfect show to catch up on and start watching right away!  Jennifer Lopez plays an NYPD detective who has broken the law and becomes an informant for the FBI on her own unit.  Ray Liotta also stars, and reviews have been exceptional for this new drama.

Shadowhunters is the television adaptation to The Mortal Instruments novel series.  Humans who have angel blood in their veins are part of a society that helps protect innocent civilians from the evils of the world.  With your usual love triangle formula, some supernatural activity, and social issues brought into the mix, this show is trailblazing teen drama.  Due to an already avid following for the books, this show has reached instant popularity.

The Family is an intense and gritty drama with twists, turns, and suspense.  A victim of kidnapping and abuse returns to his well-known and political family after they have gone years assuming his death.  Viewers see the intense effects the loss of their family member has left on them, as well as the impact when he returns.  Better watch now, because a major twist has things heating up quickly and nothing in this show is what it seems.

Crowded is about two parents who can’t wait to have their home all to themselves now that their children have moved out.  Unfortunately, their empty nest becomes full again when both daughters and the husband’s parents move back in. Great option if you prefer a little comedy.

The Catch is a new drama with an edge and a strong female lead.  Top private investigator Alice is left by her fiancé, and discovers that he has cleaned her out financially.  Bent on revenge, she makes it her mission to find him and punish him for his betrayal.

Divorced, though not yet released, you won’t want to miss this new drama.  With Sarah Jessica Parker back on the screen as the lead, the show follows her character, who is trying to start over after a divorce.  With the expected team of ex-husband, best friend, and supporting characters, this show promises to be an entertaining distraction that will likely have us all hooked.

There is a great selection of new television shows recently released, and there’s no end to the awesome options on the horizon.  

Make sure you can watch these with uninterrupted and reliable service by choosing Brad’s Electronics.  Not only do we offer the right providers, we also have exceptional customer service and support in place to ensure that your satellite TV options are the highest quality.


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