Smart Home Electronics: Level up Your Home Theater Experience with Google

smart home electonics

Smart Home Electronics: Level up Your Home Theater Experience with Google

When it comes to entertainment, one way to level up your home theater experience is with smart home electronics. Now it’s easier than ever to increase the tech on your property with high-speed satellite internet and TV services.

What are smart home electronics and a “smart home?”

smart home electonics

Smart homes contain smart home electronics/devices like security cameras, lighting, and thermostats that communicate to you through an internet connection. You can manage and control each device through the use of an artificial intelligence–powered virtual assistant like Google Nest (previously called Google Home) or the Google Assistant device and smartphone application.

When you incorporate your television service with your smart home technology, it becomes a master control station! But what happens when you combine the power of Google with your satellite provider and upgrade your current services?

DISH and Google

DISH and Google have partnered to offer their customers a better voice search experience by integrating Google Assistant right into the DISH voice remote! This remote is so powerful that through speech alone, it can:

  • change channels
  • raise or lower volume and mute
  • play, pause, rewind, and fast forward
  • check the weather and traffic
  • search for content
  • organize your day
  • get answers
  • launch apps
  • control your other smart home devices

For your privacy, DISH has programmed their remotes to only listen when the microphone button is held down. Unlike many other smart devices that listen constantly, DISH has implemented measures to protect their customers’ personal spaces.

However, you don’t need their remotes to enjoy the smart home experience. Once DISH is installed, you can hook up your Android or iPhone to the Google Assistant app or a Google speaker to get started right away.

DIRECTV and Google

Connect your Google Home to a DIRECTV genie or set up your Google Assistant with DIRECTV using the AT&T remote. Use voice search, control your home theater experience with perfect precision, and do pretty much everything DISH’s remote can. Hit the microphone button on the remote, and your technology will obey your command. Open your Google apps and control your entire smart home from your television with your voice.

HughesNet and Google

HughesNet is special because they are a satellite internet provider that tests and certifies every popular smart home device! From Google Nest to smart lighting, this internet provider will keep your property up-to-date, upgrade after upgrade.

When you introduce smart devices to your home, keep in mind that every smart device uses data. That means your data usage will increase as you include more smart devices into your tech-savvy lifestyle. Luckily, HughesNet has no hard data limits. This means that even if you exceed your plan data, you won’t be cut off or charged more.

Smart home devices have been revolutionizing the standard for years now, replacing doorbells, thermostats, lighting, sound systems, security cameras, and even smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Now, you can use your television to help manage all of those devices from one place with the power of your voice. Get started now and get in touch with us.

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