New Shows to Watch in 2017

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New Shows to Watch in 2017

The year 2017 will bring excitement in many forms, but those who love entertainment will be on the edge of their seats about the new shows coming to television. Here are the shows our television installation company is most excited about coming to you in 2017.

Television Installation Company Reveals Best New Shows on TV

Emerald City

If you’re a modern day Wizard of Oz lover, you’ll love this take on the classic. In an edgy and modern retelling, this show takes The Wizard of Oz story to a new level with a wider scope and a darker and bolder story.

Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

These classic novels have been retold in many ways, but none so in-depth as the new Netflix series starring Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. Count Olaf becomes a guardian to three young children after their parents died in a fire.  The series promises to take the dark humor and fantastical tone of the novels to your television.


If you like your small town, wholesome tales with a side of darkness, you’ll love Riverdale. This TV series follows the Archie crew but has an eerie undertone and a few secrets to reveal. Tune in on CW.

Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix has a habit of bringing in our favorite faces, and Santa Clarita Diet is no exception. This new series stars Drew Barrymore as a wife and mother in the community of Santa Clarita. When Sheila decides she’s in a rut, she decides to shake things up. This comedy will follow her on her journey.

Twin Peaks

The original Twin Peaks was a show ahead of its time.  A dark, cutting edge mystery laced with humor and satire, the show is finally going to see its revival on Showtime. Many of the original actors are expected to return and a loyal audience anxiously awaits the revival.


FX will be bringing us another limited series with Taboo. The show is set in 1814 and follows the main character James, who seems to have risen from the grave after a dangerous trip to Africa. He returns to London and uncovers multiple mysteries and conspiracies based around his father’s business.


This FX series will follow telepathic David Haller, who believes that he is mentally ill. Although the character is a Marvel mutant, he truly believe he is mentally ill giving a new spin to the same superhero shows we’ve been seeing.

Make sure you call your television installation company and get up and running so you can tune in for these and many more new reveals in 2017.


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