Actors to Watch this Fall

Actors to Watch this Fall

Fall television brings us new talent every season, and this season’s lineup is no exception.  Some of America’s favorite actors and actresses got their start on television, and we love watching their career from the very beginning.  Here’s a list of who to watch this season.

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Fox’s “The Exorcist” brings us U.S. newcomer Alfonso Herrera.  Although Herrera has made a name for himself in Mexico, he’s a new face to American television.  His character, Father Thomas, is based on the character from the iconic film.  

Kylie Bunbury is no stranger to television, but she’s been the up and comer to watch for a while.  With smaller roles previously in “Twisted” and “Under the Dome”, the actress now has a starring role in a new Fox series.  “Pitch” is a show about the first female player in the M.L.B., and Kylie’s skilled acting and dedication to realism in the role has impressed producers as well as the media.

Another actor with a previous following is Freddie Stroma. You may remember him as Cormac McLaggen in the Harry Potter movies.  Fans of UnReal, Lifetime’s reality show based drama, will remember how absences of Stroma’s character inspired hordes of fans to rally for his return.  Luckily for them, they’ll still get to watch Freddie as he takes on the role of H.G. Wells in ABC’s “Time After Time”.


Melissa Benoist has been turning heads as the star of “Supergirl”.  This show based on the comic books has received great reviews, and the talented performance of its leading lady is a large part of why.  

CW’s story of the impending apocalypse, called “No Tomorrow”, has built a steadily rising fan base.  The show’s star, Tori Anderson, has been consistently mentioned as one of Fall’s actors to watch, and is no doubt a large part of the show’s success.  Another actor to keep an eye on in this new series is Joshua Sasse, who also plays the lead in the musical comedy, “Galavant”.  

Chrissy Metz is getting a lot of publicity as the star of the new television series,”This is us”.  The television show, despite being brand new, has a large following.  Perhaps the character of Kate, played by Metz, is identifiable to a large audience, as an overweight woman attempting to both lose weight and accept herself.  
With this Fall lineup, you’ll have the opportunity to see these actors at their start.  Make sure you don’t miss a minute by checking your printable directv channel guide for the right network.


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